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Adds a location to pull current condtions from. 1(array) = Array of values containing either true or false. My Grandma, Irene Harvin McCray, is 97 years old. My childhood memories of her include the proverbial “I walked five miles to school” stories. But her story had a twist. She walked to school until middle school and then she quit. She grew up in poverty and had to work instead of learn. She never went back. I tell you her story, because her story is mine. Our narratives converse and are intertwined. The most important thing she ever taught me was the importance of education. After high school, I graduated from Agnes Scott College with a bachelor of arts in English literature-creative writing. Now, I embark on a new sort of education, and for the first time not as a student, but as a teacher. It is with great joy and sadness that I announce my resignation from the Star & Enterprise, effective Friday, July 11. I know what you’re thinking. “Going to the r...
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